Are the siding panels fire rated? YES! Safety should never be an option. All of Tritan BP panels and accessories are made from foam that has been independently laboratory tested to be Class A Fire Rated.

Can I install this outside?Yes, our products are designed to be installed both inside or outside. Our panels are finished with industrial grade finishes that have UV protection built into the stain.

What is are the panels made from? Our panels are made from high density polyurethane. Often polyurethane panels are referred to as faux, imitation, or replica. Not sure what polyurethane is? Odds are you encounter it every day, in your car, going into a shopping plaza or 100,000 other things. Even a lot of shoe companies use different types of polyurethane to create the bottom of your shoes.

Is the faux stone, brick, concrete and wood siding durable? Yes, it’s strong enough for a semi-truck to run over it, it’s strong enough to withstand day to day activities. Check out our video of a semi-truck running over the panels here ……. Now that’s tuff!!!

Will the panels fade outside? We stand behind our panels and provide a 30-Year limited warranty on the panels. The panels lifespan can be extended by applying a UV clear coat to the panels as needed. UV clear coats can be purchased at most local big box home improvement centers. As with any third party topical treatments, please test a small area before applying it to the entire project.

Can the stone, brick or wood panels be installed behind a wood burning stove? Yes, the panels can be installed behind a wood burning stove in most applications. Our panels have been safely installed in this type of applications countless times. One thing to be aware of is that we do not recommend the panels being exposed to temperatures greater than 350 degrees. Exposing the panels to temperatures of 350 or greater could cause the panels to expand.

Can I install the panels around my fireplace? Yes and wow do they make a fire place look amazing! The panels look great around the fireplace and going up along the chimney; however, the panels should never be installed inside the fire box. In vary rare occasions manufactures of fireplaces require “fire proof” material to be used around the fire place. If your fireplace manufacturer requires this, the panels should not be used in this application.

Can I install faux siding on my outdoor kitchen?Yes!!! Let’s turn your grill into an amazing outdoor kitchen that makes all of your neighbors jealous. Recipe for Jealous neighbors: Tritan BP Siding and a few hours. WOW, lets get cooking.

Can I use the panels in my restaurant? Absolutely!   You bring the culinary expertise we will bring the atmosphere that takes your patron through a culinary journey that brings them back time after time again.

How many siding panels do I need to purchase? Great questions, that depends on which panel our interested in. Below is how to measure and calculate the area needed. To simply things you will need the total square footage which is calculated by Length x Width = SQ FT. Simply take the total SQ FT needed and divide it by the panel square foot coverage.

HELP?!?! I’m not sure how many siding panels I need. No problem, we are here to be of help. You can email us at sales@tritanbp.com or call us at 866-771-2345 and we are here to help. Do you have a blueprint that you need for us to calculate the total square footage for? Please email them to sales@tritanbp.com

Actual SQ. FT. Coverage For Faux Tritan Siding:

Lightning Ridge – 7.3 SQ FT
Earth Valley - 7.57 SQ FT. 
Canyon’s Edge – 7.35 SQ FT
Rustic Brick - 9 SQ FT 
Faux Concrete - 7.55 SQ FT

How will the panels hold up against a weed eater? In a epic battle of panel vs weed eater, the weed eater will win. However, there a secret that can be implemented that will defeat the weed eater every time. Where your house meets the grass install either a small boarder of brick or concrete stones. Make sure that this layer is level and then install the panels on top of the stones. When the weed eater will hit the brick or concrete stone and stay far away from the panels.

Can I use the faux siding in the shower? Yes the panels can be installed in a shower. We do recommend applying a clear coat polyurethane to the panels prior to using the shower. Shower walls can build up with soap scum and this can over time cause issues with the finish. Applying a clear coat can also allow for easier cleaning. As always test the clear coat in a small area before applying it to the entire project.

Can the panels be used as a retaining wall? The panels can be installed onto the retaining wall structure, but cannot be used as the actual structural retaining wall.

Is this really a DIY product, I’ve never done anything like this before? You can do it! No matter your skill level you can achieve a professional installation. For the novice DIY we have premade corners that simply butt up against the panels and we are here to support you. Call or email us and we are happy to walk you through it. See our installation instructions for full details.

Can I install this panels over Concrete Block?Absolutely, any clean dry flat service can be used. We recommend using a combination of PL Premium and TapCon Screws.

Can I install faux siding directly over 2x4 without backing? No, we do not recommend this. The panels should be installed on flat, clean surface for best results. Installing drywall, plywood or other similar products would provide the necessary backing support.

Can I install the faux siding as a kitchen backsplash? Absolutely, this sill transform your kitchen!

Can I install panels in my pool or jacuzzi? The panels can be installed near or around a pool or jacuzzi; however, it should not come in continues direct contact with chlorine water. Chlorine water will not affect the panels, but it will cause the stain to fade quicker than it should. Chlorine exposure does void the warranty.

Can I still hang pictures on an accent wall with faux siding on it? Yes pictures, floating shelves and brackets can be installed against the panels. You will need to drill a small hole through the panel into the backing board (typically drywall) insert a drywall anchor into the wall and then use an extend screw to hold the picture, shelve of etc.

What type of screws should I use? We recommend course thread screws for indoor installations and exterior grade screws for the outdoors. Failure to use exterior grade screws outdoors may cause rusting stains and ultimately installation failure over time.

What glue (adhesive) should I use on the Faux Siding? We recommend Enterfoam or PL Premium. We do not recommend Liquid Nails. If you are using another adhesive, make sure that it is compatible with polyurethane prior to use.

Do I need to pre-drill the holes for the screws? For indoor applications this typically isn’t necessary, if you are going into concrete block then you should.

Can I install the panels in the shower?: Yes, the panels can be installed in a shower, but a few additional steps are needed. The panels need to have a bead of silicone placed around the entire perimeter of the panel. This will prevent water from getting behind the panel and causing mold to grow. Secondly we recommend applying a clear coat of Polyurethane, which can be purchased at any large DIY store. This will create a small barrio between the stain and evitable soap build up that will occur. This will help protect the finish and extend the life of the stain in this applications.

Remember to always check with your local building codes before starting any project.