Lightning Ridge Faux Stone - Nature's Spirit

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Product Overview

SKU: LR-2448-NST
Nature's Spirit
Style: Lightning Ridge Stone Panel
Overall Measurements:
 48-3/4" Wide x 24 3/4" High x Thickness  1-3/4"  (Thickness will slightly vary)
Coverage Measurements: 44-1/4" Wide x 23-3/4" High
Coverage: Approximately 7.3 Square Feet

Suggested Glue:

  • Enerfoam 1 tube per 100 panel
  • PL Premium 1 tube per 4 panels.


No matter if you are a designer, architect, builder or a weekend worrier (DIYer), the Lightning Ridge is always a standout favorite for endless projects. Our lead craftsmen hand selected over a 100 unique stones per panel to develop this highly texture 3-dimensional panel. Want to transform your project in a day or two, then this is the right panel for you. There are 5 unique panels that make up the Lightning Ridge Panel. Highly trained craftsmen and woman who have gone through extensive training to ensure each panel looks indistinguishable to real stones hand stain every stone. Once installed your projected will look like a highly trained mason hand selected unique stones over the course of months to install them. Only you will know it was done in vertically no time at all.

Lightning Ridge Quick Facts:

  • Class A fire rated – Tested and certified by an independent laboratory our panels provide a class A fire rating. Not only are our panels perfect for residential applications, but commercial contractors can rest assure that they are installing the very best products for their application.

  • Easy to install – No matter if you’re the seasoned professional or the first time DIYer, you can achieve a spectacular result and transform your project with these beautiful panels. No expensive tools needed for a professional looking installation. Simply need nails / screws, power screw driver, saw, adhesive and excitement to transform your project.

  • Authentic replica – Each panel is hand stained to provide authentic color variations as seen in real stone. Our lead design craftsman selected each stone found within the panel to ensure a beautiful transition from stone to stone. Our panels provide an authentic 3-denominational replica that looks like stone but is so much easier to install and work with.  
  • No messy grouting – Unlike real stone, Superior panels can be installed without the mess and specialty tools needed to install real stone. No longer do you need a skilled mason or expensive tools to create a beautiful accent wall, kitchen back-splash or countless other applications, the beginner DIYer can create the same look in half the time.

  • Light-Weight - The average panels weighs approximately 10 lbs.

  • Durable -Made from high quality polyurethane and molded from hand crafted molds. Our panels will be a have been used and trusted in thousands of homes and commercial projects all over the global. Strong, reliable and easy to install.

  • Hand Stained - Each panel is meticulously hand stand by trained artisans to ensure each stone looks authentic. It may look like stone, but with how quickly the installation goes, you will be happy it's not.

No matter the terminology: faux, fake or replica, there is no doubt that our stone panels bring real life value to your project. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review